summertime and back to school

The highlight of my summer was a visit from my family during the first week of August, timed to coincide with the weeks during which my sister graced the great state of California with her presence. I hadn't seen her since Christmas break - seven months apart! I think the longest we've been apart from each other before that stretch was six months, so we were very, very happy to see each other.

We spent some time on the northern coast (per my request) in the quaint town of Gualala. We visited Fort Ross, the southernmost Russian fort on the West Coast, and spent our limited hours together on beaches and playing card games. It was so refreshing to spend time all together again and I'm so thankful that the timing worked out.

My summer internship at a local municipality's utilities department has been wonderful. I really enjoy my coworkers and am definitely learning more about all the scheduling and communication and paperwork that goes alongside every engineering project. And I get a hard hat and safety vest (and maybe even rain gear for this fall/winter)! I'm happily continuing on working there during this quarter for fewer hours per week.

I've officially started my two courses for this quarter: Life Cycle Analysis (you may have heard of a portion of it as the "cradle to grave" philosophy about packaging) and Computational River Mechanics (including computer programming in FORTRAN). It's my last quarter! I'm quite excited to be graduating and adding some letters after my name, but also curious to see what comes next. Yes, I'm staying in California. No, I don't know where yet.

In my little bits of spare time, I've been getting back into a few more art projects, which have been really enjoyable. I've also been settling in to life at a new church - themed potlucks and a women's dessert night have been the highlights of that community so far - and doing a bit of baking to use up some persimmon puree. The persimmon muffins were delicious; the pudding was a failure. Frosting's up next.

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